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Jim Corbett Packages 14 September 2020

The primary tourist destination for travelers has always been Corbett National Park. In every way, this destination is perfect for everyone. If you love the outdoors, look for jeep safaris or overnight stays in the forest. If you're travelling with your family, consider staying in one of the luxury accommodations that have been created especially for people who want to spend their vacations in the company of their loved ones while still maintaining their privacy. The Jim Corbett national park is the ideal combination of comfort and nature. A trip there will always stick in your memory for a long time because it is the ideal vacation spot in every way.

For a long time, Jim Corbett was known for its tiger sightseeing, but now to view different birds’ species is also possible, imagine capturing such amazing and species of birds in your camera in this picturesque location. Go through these Activities in Jim Corbett that you may do; you're a solo tourist or bringing your family, and become mesmerized by nature's finest creation in its natural habitat. There are so many Things To Do in Jim Corbett; Explore your true spirit by following the practices of spirituality and yoga and let yourself immerse in the sheer joy and complacent, by going through the tremendous list of Activities to do in Jim Corbett.


  • Jeep Safari- jeep safari is the main tourist activity for which visitors comes from different locations, only to have a look of rarest Royal Bengal Tiger and so many too. Not just the rare species but also the local wildlife species also could be easily seen here. Whether the jeep safari last for 3-4 hrs. which you can choose accordingly to your budget and preference and the availability of zone and time.
  • Canter Ride- Canter ride only visible in Dhikala zone of Jim Corbett whether it last for more than 5-6hrs. if you’re someone who is coming with your large group of friends and colleague than you can go for Canter ride, if you’re someone who wants to take as much as they can from the surroundings then canter ride could be your thing. With your friends and family, you can enjoy the ride.
  • Activities in Jim Corbett- if you’re travelling with kids then you can go for these activity areas which are designed for every group of people, you can take part in these activities as per your choice. Activities includes Free Fall, Net Climbing, Rope Slithering, Pool Activities, and so many more.
  • Sightseeing point in Jim Corbett – Even to spare time, you can also go for local sightseeing points which are not so far away from the ramnagar city. Sightseeing points like Garjia Devi temple, Hanuman Dham, Corbett museum, Corbett Water Fall, Kosi Bridge and so many more. Go for these locations as every location serves a different experience to you.
  • River Activities- Now for the river related activities you do not have to go for a big location, you can enjoy the same amount of experience in Jim Corbett. But these activities such as River Rope Crossing, River Rafting, Boat Cross are only available in particular season; on the other season it can’t held.
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