Jim Corbett Safari Zones

Jim Corbett Packages 27 March 2020

Jim Corbett National Park has long been renowned for its diverse flora and fauna whether locally or internationally. One of the popular reasons for people to travel into Jim Corbett is for jungle safari whether it's jungle jeep safari or canter safari, both gives the same level of adventurous feel with animal sightseeing. Imagine walking through Jim Corbett's deep dense jungle and spotting rare or local species of flora and fauna. Doesn't it sounds amazing?

There are following seven main safari zones in Jim Corbett: Bijrani, Dhela, Jhirna, Garjiya, Durga-devi, Phato, and Dhikala. Jeep safaris are an option for these zones Bijrani, Dhela, Jhirna, Garjiya, Durga-devi, and Phato where one may see endangered animal species. You can take a day visit Canter safari in Dhikala zone.

One must first arrive at the entry gate before entering the Corbett safari zones. For individuals who like their own private space and wish to go in a small group, a jeep safari is the perfect option. Large group are best served by a Canter ride since the forest is the same and there is an equal possibility of spotting wildlife.

One of the species that may be observed within the forest is the Royal Bengal Tiger, as well as the Leopard, Elephant, Deer, and Sloth etc.

Always reserve your safari in advance so that you can choose from a variety of zone options according to your preferences and availibility. To have an once-in-a-lifetime experience, explore the Corbett zones and local locations close to Corbett.

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